Friday, May 1, 2009

Katie's Quit

Well, I have been pretty busy lately.  
I am in charge of this big event at my 
children's school.  It is called the Amigo's Fiesta.  I chair it with Katie.  We transform the school into a Mexican fiesta and fair.  This takes about 3 months of preparations and happens in one day.  May 8th is the date for this year.  We have Aztec dancers, Ballet Folklorico,  fruit cups, nachos, store, games, tatoos, face painting, sack races, cupcake walk, animal toss, loteria, golf,  craft booth, tortilla making, treasure chest, and more.

The 18th of April was Katie's birthday and she has been admiring my qu
ilts so I wanted to make her one for her birthday.

This quilt was made with batik fabrics.  She has a lot of earth tones in her house, but I wanted some fabric to pop.

These are saw tooth squares and it is a sampler quilt No two stars are the same.  I used sashing and bound it with the remaining material from the squares.  It changes, I am not sure you can see it in the pix.

 Notice there is one of the squares that is a pin wheel.  When I was assembling the stars,  the instructions called for the the wrong sized pieces, so it was too small.  I kept it and put in on the back.  I machine quilted it in a flower meander pattern.


  1. hi Mary~!~

    so glad that i popped over~!~ this is a lovely quilt~!!~ i am a big fan of batiks and you have worked these into such a natural colored and gorgeous quilt~!~ i'm sure the recipient is going to be thrilled.

    yes, i'll still trade scrap/coin quilt pieces. it sounds like you are pretty busy at the moment with your Amigo's Fiesta so lets give you some time to catch your breath and then we can make some final decisions on the specifics of our trade . . . i'm still muddling through my daily scrap management discipline and am more excited about it on some days than others. the good news is i am making a dent in the scrap basket~!!!!~

    the little monkeys jumping on the bed song was a favorite at our house too (when my daughter was very young). seems like so long ago~!~

    take care.

  2. Thanks Libby! I am so jealous about your dent in the scrap basket, because after this quilt I need a scap buster!!! The worst part is that I cannot stop buying fabris. It is an obsession, addtiction or vice.. Call it what you will I can't stop. lol I have such great plans for them all.

    After the 8th of May I will be back to normal, and can get down to the specifics. I just joined a modern quilting bee. It seems really fun. We are making blocks for each other with fabric chosen by one person. There are 12 of us and they are from all over. I am really excited about it. I hope my sewing is up to par. We all doubt ourselves, but I think I can do it. I am pretty creative; )


  3. that is one beautiful quilt! nice job! i also really like the stacked coins quilt in the previous post. :)

  4. wow! gorgeous quilt. what a lucky friend!
    just beautiful