Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blocks for Sewlatea III

Blocks for Sewlatea III
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Here are some more dresdens. These are my attempts at flowers. Hope you like them. They also have the decorative stitch around the middle of the flower.

Blocks for Sewlatea II

Blocks for Sewlatea II
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Here is my attempt at hexs. Never have I made them before . I really like the end result.

Blocks for Sewlatea I

Blocks for Sewlatea I
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I did a dresden and a decorative stitch around the inside circle. I put a bit in the inside rose to make it stick out a bit.

pillow talk front

pillow talk front
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Here is the front of my pillow. I really love it. It is bright and cheery and I did put the beads on it and I really like them. I made it 20/20 for the insert and put a zipper in the bottom back.

Pillow talk /finished

Pillow talk /finished
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Blocks for Sewlatea

Blocks for Sewlatea
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

October Blocks for Bee Modern

These blocks are for Tweedledee designs on Flikr. I really like the fabrics she chose for these blocks. She is having a baby and wants to make a quilt and bumper out of the blocks. She wanted a tree and a log cabin block.

Here is another picture of the group. I really like making trees. They were fun but my comfort zone is in the applique trees. I really liked making the pieced ones though. This is why I am going these swaps .. to stretch myself and learn new things and develop a new comfort zone ; )

Monday, September 7, 2009

Odds and Ends

I was asked to make an angel placemat for some one who did not get one. I made this one for Kylie in Australia.

Here is the back of the placemat; Kaffee Fassett

Here is the
back of the placemat. Who doesn't like Pokemon?

I decided to make a placemat for both of her children. This is for her son.

This one is for her daughter.

the back... She said that her daughter carried it around all day. How sweet?

Blocks for Bee Modern...Birds with ric a flower garden

birds in a cage

birds on branches

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Runner in the Dinning Room

I decided to make a runner for the dinning room. This is the back of the runner on the buffet. I used Kona cotton and in coal. I really liked using the black thread and dark fabric. I used batiks for the front and left overs for the back. I also made triangles on the ends

Here is a close up of the quilting. It was my first attempt at feathers. I think the turned out OK. I overlapped in some places and it was hard to get them to go the same way around corners. However the effect was good and what should I expect for my first try?

Here is the correct side of it . I love it and think it is pretty! It is kind of like the stacked coins but on their sides ; )

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Girl Quilt for the Meals on Wheels Auction

Here is my girl version for the Meals on Wheels Auction. This quilt has a variety of materials; Moda, Kaffe Fassett, Kaufman, random cotton pieces from my scraps and Kona cotton. Bento Box pattern, free motion quilted, machine pieced, cotton batting; 42'/42'

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tree Quilt

I made this quilt to donate to Meals on Wheels. They have an annual auction and I have some friends on the Board. They asked me to donate a quilt. I made this quilt with linen. It was the first time working with it and it moves more than cotton, but I really like the way it quilts up.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blocks for Bee Modern August

These are the blocks that I made for my online quilting bee. They were very fun to do. This was the first time that I actually cut up a block to make an asterisk. I shuddered when I first sliced it but then I figured that I could fix it if I messed it up. These blocks are a great learning tool and by doing this swap I think I could make just about any block.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Banyan Tree - Back

The Banyan Tree - Back
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Back of the quitlie

The Banyan Tree

The Banyan Tree
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With my favorite picture!

The Banyan Tree

The Banyan Tree
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Here is the finished product to the Doll Swap.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

DQS7-- The Banyan Tree

DQS7-- The Banyan Tree
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I am making this for the Doll Quilt swap. I still have to quilt it and add details.

Here is my start to the doll quilt swap. I still need more leaves. It was inspired by the following poem, by Leroy Jackson, that my Grandmother read to me:

A little yellow monkey
In a banyan tree
One morning got the giggles,
Going tee-hee-hee

And then he went to snoozing
In the banyan tree
And dreamed that the fishes
In the bright blue sea were
Dancing on the breakers
Going tee-hee- hee.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Foolish People

I have decided to join a doll quilt swap. Ah, those poor people do not know who they have let enter.. ha hahahaha.... I have actually gained a lot of confidence in participating in the last couple of swaps. This is my first doll swap, although, I am not sure how different it is from a place mat. The requirement is a quilt 12/12 to 24/24 and pretty free from there. I am going to include some of the things that inspire me:

and some of the things I might try.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Trip

Here we are in the Badlands, South Dakota. It was amazing. We saw prairie dogs , deer and antelope. We are visiting the National Parks; Yellowstone, Badlands, Devils Tower, Mt. Rushmore, and more.

Here we are it Hollbrook, Az. We stayed in the Wigwam Hotel, which is really a teepee. We are still on our trip and I will post more when we get home. Traveling on a road trip with 3 children; 13,10, and 7, has been an interesting experience. They have been good so far, but they get on each others nerves.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Swap progress

I made this group for my placemat swap. I am exchanging them with Jessica. She has a little boy and the car one is for him.

This quilt is a wonky log cabin.

Here is the one for the 3 year old boy

dots in applique.. what can I say??

This is a pin cushion. I love the button!! It is ceramic.

This is a block for Claudia in my Bee modern swap. I had wanted to make a sawtooth star in solids with the corners these four blocks. However, it just didn't look right. So I took it apart and sewed the four blocks together and made this wonky block.

This is the same fabric and I think my favorite of the bunch. It is raw edged applique and I added some of my own fabrics. Especially the yellow, to make it pop.

This is the last block. It is a modified log cabin and a flower appliqued in the corner. I like the addition of the other fabrics.

These are the things I have been working on. I still have not quilted the improv block quilt yet. I have a plan yet for it...... however, it will have to wait......