Monday, April 13, 2009

I need a photo class!!

I cannot figure out how to rotate the picture.  I thought about linking my Flickr account to this blog, because there you can rotate the picture.  This way you can just turn your computer.. LOL Also, I need to learn how to stage my picture.. Libby, maybe you can help me with this I seem to be camera challenged.

I do like how the quilt turned out.  I  liked this pattern of freemotion.  It was fun and relatively easy to do.   The colors are fresh and springlike.  I think it would be perfect for a baby boy. Well, time to move on to the next project.

So many projects , so little time......


  1. good morning Mary~!~

    this one turned out cute~!~how wide are your coin strips? i agree, it looks like a perfect baby boy quilt~!!~ i especially love the inclusion of the coin strip on the backside~!~

    you left a comment on my blog regarding trading scrap fabric blocks and i did leave a reply . . . some suggestions and a call out to anyone else interested in joining a simple scrap swap . . . i was thinking that pieced coin sections could be fun, especially after seeing your cute little quilt~!~

    as far as staging photos goes, i'm flattered that you've asked for my help but have to say that i really don't know what i'm doing when it comes to photography as i'm still on a pretty big learning curve that tends to proceed quite slowly since i'm self taught (so far) . . . i will tell you that one of the things that i'm sort of fanatical about when setting up a shot is that my background be fairly simple, so as not to distract from what i'm trying to show off. it's also good if you can get some contrast between what you are photographing and the (simple) background. if you just do what makes you happy, your shots will continue to be fabulous~!~


  2. Hi, Mary...for your pics, do you download them straight from your camera or do you download from a folder on your computer? If you set up a folder on your computer, you should be able to edit pics before posting them. I love the quilt and thanks for explaining about the coin quilt to me!

  3. lovely!! are the fabrics all from one line?? what is it. such a great color sense you have