Thursday, May 14, 2009

Improv blocks

I decided to use up some scraps from my last couple of quilts.  These are just modified log cabin blocks.  I started with similar material or color in the middle and continues around  using one dominate color.

I am going to make 3 of each of the 4 colors and sash with white.  I will have 3 blue, pink, yellow, and green.  I was thinking about rotating one of the blocks so that the rectangle will be on its side and the other two opposing.  The blocks will be 20 inches square.
I really like the wonkiness of these blocks.  I will make a lap quilt out of these and I think I will give it to my hubby.  He keeps saying "is this one for me??"  lol They usually are for someone else.  It is his turn ; )


  1. Beautiful!! Love your colors. In your previous pics are those azaleas? I love them, but we haven't been able to grow them since in Texas...used to have them in Mississippi.

  2. Hi Mary~!~

    love the look of the wonky log cabins and what a great way to use up scraps~!!~ i think that i'm about ready to wrap up the making of tulips and do something else but am not sure just what . . . i simply haven't been able to really focus on it and i do still have a few tulip forms to "fill" so i'm sure that something will come to me in due time . . .i did get a call from the lady who long-arm quilted my coins child quilt and it's all done and i'll have it early next week. i'll post a shot or two of it finished but i think i've already decided that it is going to a local organization as a donation for a charity auction that they have coming up . . . so i suppose that i should think about my next coin quilt from scraps . . .

    thank you for your recent visit and for your understanding of my out-of-control busy life just lately. i am looking forward to getting back around to my own visiting with all of the wonderful bloggers that i know~!!~! it's become my inspirational shot in the arm and i just love seeing what others are doing and the results of their wonderfully creative minds.


  3. that is so sweet that he wants you to make him one....i love the colors you chose. the yellow and browns remind me of bananas!

  4. Funny, I guess all of them could be like fruits; strawberries, bananas, kiwi, blueberries, and the black berries ; ) Thanks for coming by!