Thursday, July 30, 2009

DQS7-- The Banyan Tree

DQS7-- The Banyan Tree
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I am making this for the Doll Quilt swap. I still have to quilt it and add details.

Here is my start to the doll quilt swap. I still need more leaves. It was inspired by the following poem, by Leroy Jackson, that my Grandmother read to me:

A little yellow monkey
In a banyan tree
One morning got the giggles,
Going tee-hee-hee

And then he went to snoozing
In the banyan tree
And dreamed that the fishes
In the bright blue sea were
Dancing on the breakers
Going tee-hee- hee.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Foolish People

I have decided to join a doll quilt swap. Ah, those poor people do not know who they have let enter.. ha hahahaha.... I have actually gained a lot of confidence in participating in the last couple of swaps. This is my first doll swap, although, I am not sure how different it is from a place mat. The requirement is a quilt 12/12 to 24/24 and pretty free from there. I am going to include some of the things that inspire me:

and some of the things I might try.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Trip

Here we are in the Badlands, South Dakota. It was amazing. We saw prairie dogs , deer and antelope. We are visiting the National Parks; Yellowstone, Badlands, Devils Tower, Mt. Rushmore, and more.

Here we are it Hollbrook, Az. We stayed in the Wigwam Hotel, which is really a teepee. We are still on our trip and I will post more when we get home. Traveling on a road trip with 3 children; 13,10, and 7, has been an interesting experience. They have been good so far, but they get on each others nerves.