Thursday, March 17, 2011

Doll quilts in review

This quilt was my first submission for the doll quilt swap  I used inspiration from an old children's book my father had.  My Grandmother used to read to me from it.  The poem goes;
A little yellow monkey
In a banyan tree
One morning got the giggles,
Going tee-hee-hee

And then he went to snoozing
In the banyan tree
And dreamed that the fishes
In the bright blue sea were
Dancing on the breakers
Going  tee-hee- hee.

It resides with Dena.

This quilt I mad for a placemat swap but it was really more of a doll quilt. I really liked the back as you could see the tree through the material.   My partner liked this one block and I thought that I would incorporate it in the front of the quilt.  

This quilt I made in the last doll quilt swap.  
  I made this quilt a year ago and it is made from all silk.  I  loved it's texture and quilting..More later

Monday, March 14, 2011


This is what I have been working on in the Doll quilt swap over at Flickr. We make a quilt to exchange with another person. My person usually likes very frivolous things with applique but she said she wanted something different. I free pieced the circles and then continued the curved piecing to the outside to give the illusion of movement. I hope she likes it. My original plan called for this gray linen which I may still do.. but she seems to like color so I will see if this catches her eye...
Ok. I am going to try to start this blog thing again.. as I am shit at it.. excuse the french... I have been following along Lynne over at Flickr and she is having a Quilt A- Long... they are encouraging us to use our blogs and well I have been slack at it. Sometimes I am just too tired to write and near the end I was just sending over things from flickr with out even saying anything. Now I think I will try to start again.. even with baby steps of just a few words at time. Any way you all should go over to flickr and see Lilly quilts.. QAL...