Thursday, April 2, 2009

Denyse Schmidt Roots quilt.

I have not entered much lately, because I  have been working on this quilt.  I have admired the work of Denyse Schmidt. She is a quilter from NY.  Her lines are great with there bold color and modern designs.  Most of what I have is definately not modern,  even my name reflects tradition, Mary.   I have inherted most of my Grandmother's posssesions and have kept them in my house to enjoy.  I love them.  

However, I love me some modern tooo; )  The simplistic line of this roots quilt spoke to me.  The colors of brown, green and blue are great. The simplistic quilting with straight lines show a minimalistic beauty.  Working with a large broad piece of material was challenging.  Even quilting in straight lines, in queen size was too.  But I am almost finished and I will post some pictures of it complete soon.


  1. i also tend to be more about traditional quilts but do enjoy the simple lines in these quilts. will be interesting to see the completed piece.


  2. Yes it will if I don't throw it out the window. LOL I am having problems with the quilting and bunching. argggg. Because of the way it needs to be quilted you have to start in the middle and go to the outside. In the middle, the fabric of the back bunched and I am contemplating ripping it out and re doing it or just heavily quilting the line in the middle and hoping it holds it down and no one notices. This is whi I like freemotion as oppossed to lines, argggg.

  3. Is there a pattern for this quilt available?