Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Growth as a quilter

It is an interesting thing to start a new hobby.  I remember asking my mother to help me make a quilt when I was about 13.  She told me maybe and then we went and bought the material.  I think that we got as far as cutting out the squares.  However, we never actually sewed anything together.  That my first experience with quilting. 

I have always admired the Amish quilts with bold colors and beautiful appliques.  The simplicity of these quilts have always created images in my mind.  As a young girl, I had ideas of making these, but alas my Mom was not a person who sewed. My Grandmother could sew anything and I have fond memories  of her making my doll clothes. She died when I was 11 and my mentor was gone and my voyage began on my own.

Jump ahead some 30 years and my children wanted to have Indian Halloween costumes.  I had no sewing machine  and could not find a Native American costume in all of Southern California.  We had just returned from a Route 66 trip and bought mocchasins for all three..... but no costume.  I went to Walmart and bought the cheapest sewing machine($65) and some material, ribbons, fringe, thread and off I went.  I made 2 dresses , vest, leggings , and apron.  I rememberd that I liked sewing and being creative.  

You might ask, "How does this apply to quilting?"  Well, after this my 12 year old daughter wanted to make a quilt and learn to sew.  I told her let's make a quilt for your birthday and I was hooked.  With minimal sewing experience, but good math skills and research skills, I took to the internet and found the easiest free pattern I could.  The Chain rail...

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