Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday Mayhem

It seems to me that every hump day is too full.  I have three children and each one of them has something on that day.  It starts off with the fact that they have a minimum day and get off at 12:30.  Since I am the only one that picks them up, that means that my Wednesday is cut in half too and I must be ready to pick them up at that time.  Bob and Kat  need lunch so it is a mad dash to the house to put food in them before heading out the door to pick Lisa up at 2.   Now each of the girls have softball practice at 4. Usually today I also have Ad in tennis at 8:45AM and my tennis lesson at 6PM.  

  Today Lisa has a game.  I am an assistant coach.  I will explain how that grates on me later.  I don't mind the fact that I am helping her team because I really like to help kids, but I swore I was not going to coach again.  Here I am, coaching, more than assisting.  My experience before was that in these types of team sports, parents live vicariously through their children.  Parents are coaches who give their children unfair advantages.  It always seems like the coaches kid is the pitcher?  why? Because they are the best player?  probably not, but in order to get any time on the mound you need to coach or find a team who doesn't  have a pitcher child.    Trust me, my child is hardly the best, and farthest from the best behaved.  I will say she is getting better in disposition and talent, but I am biased.  I have never pushed for her to to be the only pitcher, but I have wanted her to get the experience.

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