Thursday, August 20, 2009

Girl Quilt for the Meals on Wheels Auction

Here is my girl version for the Meals on Wheels Auction. This quilt has a variety of materials; Moda, Kaffe Fassett, Kaufman, random cotton pieces from my scraps and Kona cotton. Bento Box pattern, free motion quilted, machine pieced, cotton batting; 42'/42'


  1. and it's getting your kitties seal of approval :)

    you did TWO quilts for Meals on Wheels~!?!~ wow what a wonderfully generous couple of donations~!!!!~ now i have to ask if you know how this one did? i was imagining what trouble i would be in if i were set loose to bid on the tree quilt but now i have to imagine being unable to decide between the two and greedily outbidding everyone in attendence on BOTH of them~!!~! :O
    oh yikes~!~i'd be a street person with two fabulous quilts~!~lol

    really love the Bento Box pattern and your colors are so fresh and happy but i think my very favorite thing is the back . . . i love it when a quilt is totally reversible~!!~ so now that i think about it i would technically be a street person with FOUR fabulous quilts~!!!~


  2. Your quilt is beautiful! I am just about to bind a bento box quilt, myself! Yours is prettier though because the prints are bolder and set the pattern off nicely!
    And I think our cats are twins...My Ruthie looks JUST like your cat!

  3. Cute kitty AND cute Bento box quilt!!!!

  4. Thank you everyone. The quilts did sell this last weekend. The tree one and the bento sold for $175 each. I am so glad that the money goes to such a good charity as Meal on wheels. They help so many seniors!