Sunday, June 21, 2009

Improv quilt in progress

After battling the quilt gods, I finally figured out how to finish this top. This top was having sizing problems. It was perfect in length, but 10 inches too short in the width. I wanted it to represent the color wheel and change in color as it descended. I also decided that it would look good if I rotated the blocks to give a little interest.
However, I could not find a solution to the size problem. One night I went to sleep and dreamt about it, the solution came to me to put border on with the same color palette as the quilt, but to make it wider on the sides and smaller on the length. I need to finish the back and then quilt it down. I will post more pictures then.


  1. how funny, i was just talking with my niece about the same thing....thinking of sewing/quilting solutions while in bed!
    i love your quilt, and such a clever idea. so so pretty

  2. Love love love the quilt. Such fantastic placement of the blocks. I usually come up with my sewing solutions in bed too. Probably the only time I can think without interruption!

  3. it's coming along nicely Mary~!!~
    amazing what the creative mind can do when released from it's "bonds". i think when we sleep or are close to sleep it's given a chance to leap forward and do it's thing~!!~ who knows what wonderful ideas we come up with that go unremembered in the light of a new day . . . many artists keep a bedside journal for just these sorts of inspired thinking/dreaming moments. i've thought about it but have yet to try it . . . i guess my hope is that the good stuff will perk back up to the top when i'm awake enough to actually make it happen . . .